Something for everyone

All of our leagues provide the staples of competitive fantasy play:  Deep rosters, annual rookie drafts, waivers, offseason free agency, and year-round trading.  However, Zealots Field is committed to providing an array of fantasy football experiences, from standard and PPR scoring to experimental rulesets that guarantee a unique challenge. Whatever your preference, you're bound to find a league that's a good match.

Classic & PPR

PPR has become an industry standard. Just as the NFL has become a passing league, the PPR ruleset rewards players for every reception made, and features enhanced IDP scoring that makes your defensive players an integral part of your weekly lineup. 

Our Classic leagues, however, are for those who yearn for the days of standard, TD-heavy scoring. Don't like the PPR movement? Then don't play it. At Zealots Field, you have a choice. 


The Zealots Field Auction-Contract (ZFAC) leagues add financial constraints to the traditional Zealots Field dynasty leagues. Owners have to manage contracts, salary caps, extensions, and performance bonuses, while working to keep their free agents from leaving.  Adding another dimension to player value makes ZFAC an entirely new landscape, and planning is paramount. NFL teams can't keep their players forever. Can you?


In 2019, we’re piloting a new ruleset—a full IDP Best Ball league. Instead of draft-and-go, managers are challenged to play the waiver wire and make roster moves without worrying about weekly lineups. We’re thrilled to start two new leagues this year!


In our Devy league, owners are allowed to maintain a 3-man developmental roster of college players. Not only does this challenge their ability to identify talent, but also drastically alters the valuation of players and draft picks. This isn’t deep dynasty—it’s ultra-deep.


In Relegation, 24 teams are organized into three 8-team divisions (Premier Division, Second Division, Third Division), with the Ultimate goal of winning the Premier Division Championship.

After each season, three teams will be promoted from the Second and Third divisions, and relegated from the Premier and Second divisions. Each division holds a 4-team playoff between the top four teams—to earn a promotion—and the bottom four teams—to avoid relegation. Every series matters!

In addition to using a double player pool, Relegation has taken the bold step of changing 3-4 OLBs to DEs in MFL, boosting their value and mimicking the EDGE player position that many IDP professionals are clamoring for.


In Superflex, no longer are your backup QBs relegated to the bench; they're eligible in the flex slot, too!  This league features a balanced scoring system that makes all of the offensive positions viable and promotes tough decisions and strategic roster-building. 



You think you’re good at making tough decisions? Try Guillotine. You start the season with 53 players. Before the first game, you cut two of them—and no, you don’t get to replace them. At all. Every subsequent week, you cut two more players. If you miss your cuts, don’t worry, your opponent gets to make them for you. By the time the playoffs start, you’re down to (hopefully) your best 27 players.

That’s not all. At the end of the year, every team cuts their best QB, RB, WR, TE, DL, LB, and DB and throws them back into the draft pool. This might be the best mix of dynasty and redraft possible.


Who cares about offense? Phalanx is all IDP, all the time. The available player pool consists entirely of individual defensive players (IDP) and punters. Featuring an innovative, robust scoring system and deep rosters, Phalanx aspires to provide the ultimate challenge for IDP enthusiasts.


If you love college football, and devy is too shallow, the Knightmare Collegiate Football Association (KCFA) is for you. These independently-run leagues are affiliated with Zealots Field, and bring the fantasy football experience to the college game. They consist of 18 teams, all of which pick a “home team” from one of the NCAA division I-A teams. Their 40-man dynasty rosters consist of college players from their home team and other NCAA division I-A teams. You think you know college ball? Here's your chance to prove it.