where dynasties are born





where dynasties are born




Where passion meets commitment

Zealots Field is a community of over 70 leagues dedicated to year-round fantasy football. Our leagues will test your knowledge of Deep Dynasty IDP and demand a degree of excellence not found elsewhere. Since 2003, we've grown into more than a fantasy football website.

We're a team.

Our leagues aren't fly-by-night. We won't disappear with your money, because none is wagered or won--and league costs are under $7 a year. Your league won't fold after one season due to disinterest, and your efforts won't go to waste. Our commissioners are handpicked and overseen by Zealots Field leadership, and our Rules Committee meets annually to improve your experience.

If you're a quality owner interested in signing up for Zealots Field, just click the button. 



Zealots Field began as the vision of founder Oscar Knight in 2002. Bored with simple rules and shallow rosters, he pioneered a new fantasy football experience--one that provided year-round action, more players, and in-depth rules. Zealots Field has grown ever since.

Now, we're more than 70 leagues strong. We've built a community of committed owners, based on competition, friendship, and respect. This extends beyond individual leagues, into our community forums, where Zealots meet to talk about what we love best: football.


Zealots Field consists of eight syndicates of up to twelve commissioned leagues each. We have multiple levels of leadership that provide oversight and guidance for our community. Our system ensures consistency, fairness, and quality.

We set high standards for our members, and expect them to contribute to a successful league environment. 

  • Participation
  • Preparedness
  • Communication
  • Competitiveness
  • Sportsmanship
  • Decency


Our deep dynasty leagues provide the staples of competitive fantasy play:

  • 53-man rosters
  • Annual six-round rookie drafts
  • In-season blind bidding waivers
  • Offseason free agent auctions
  • Year-round trading

Zealots Field is committed to providing an array of fantasy football experiences, from standard and PPR scoring to experimental rulesets that guarantee a unique challenge. Whatever your preference, you'll find a league that's a good match.