Except where specifically noted, these rules apply to both Zealots Classic & Zealots PPR leagues

Zealots Field Leagues (ZFL) are dynasty leagues. Founded in 2002 by Oscar Knight, Zealots Field is designed to reward the fantasy football zealot by incorporating some of the best rules in the world of fantasy. NFL-size rosters, offensive and defensive players, extensive scoring, unlimited trading and free agency periods and zealous owners combine for the ultimate fantasy football experience. Zealots Field will always be a non-payout league, so the only price for joining ZFL is a small administrative fee and blood, sweat and tears; the only reward is the right to be called the best of the best.

Zealots Field is owned by Sandi Soto. Owners have traditionally anointed themselves as Lord Zealot. Sandi prefers to be Chair of the Vice Lords. Five Vice Lords work as a Board to administer the Zealots empire. The Vice Lords will name a staff of Czars to administer Zealots Field and other projects to keep the community running with as much fun and efficiency as possible. Syndicate Czars are responsible for naming league commissioners. Each Zealots Field league shall be run by a League Commissioner.

Zealots Field will be run as a not-for-profit Fantasy Football Community. Every year the fee for participating in Zealots Field will be posted in the Field House and e-mailed to all owners. The fee will be based upon the costs associated with using the internet management service and message board service of our choice. Management will always undertake to negotiate the lowest possible cost for owners with the greatest possible service. Payments may be made through PayPal or through check made payable to Sandi Soto. Any funds received in excess of the required fee will be accounted for on the message board and used to improve services or to expand operations at Zealots Field. A contingency fund will be maintained to cover unexpected cost increases for services.

Team names will be selected from a pool of existing NFL team names. ZFL team images, sounds and other identifying team characteristics should be consistent with their NFL counterpart. An NFL team is not permitted to be used twice in the same league.

A. Twelve teams are placed into a single conference divided into four divisions.

A. ZFL plays a 13 week regular season schedule.
B. Each team plays division opponents twice and non-division opponents once.

A. The four division winners plus two wild card teams qualify for the playoffs.
B. The top two division winners will be seeded #1 & #2, and the remaining four playoff teams will be seeded #3 - #6, according to playoff seeding tie-breakers.
C. Division Winner Tie-Breakers: The following tiebreakers are used at the end of the season to determine division winners if two or more teams have identical records. Division Winners are determined before the wildcard teams.
1. Overall winning %
2. Head-to-Head Winning %
3. Division Winning %
4. All-Play Winning %
5. Total Points Scored
6. Total Points Against
7. Dice Roll
D. Wild Card & Playoff Seeding Tie-Breakers: The following tiebreakers are used at the end of the season to determine the wildcard teams and playoff seeds.
1. Overall winning %
2. All-Play Winning %
3. Total Points Scored
4. Total Points Against
5. Dice Roll
E. Week 14:
#1 Seed & #2 Seed (byes)
#3 Seed vs #6 Seed
#4 Seed vs #5 Seed

F. Week 15:
#1 Seed vs #4/#5 Winner
#2 Seed vs #3/#6 Winner

G. Week 16 Semi-Final winners meet in the Championship Game
H. The following tiebreaker is used if a playoff game ends in a tie:
1. Home field advantage: Higher seeded team advances

A. Rosters are limited to 53 players for Classic and 51 players for PPR during the season.
B. Roster spots will be expanded to 60 players at the conclusion of the Zealots Championship Game. Rosters must be cut back to the maximum for the specific format by 7:00PM ET on the Tuesday before the first NFL game of the regular season.
C. The syndicate czar and commissioner will work together to cut any roster that misses a deadline.

A. Each team will be limited to 6 IR spots.
B. Owners may place any player on the injured reserve list only if he is listed as "IR" or "IR-R" on the MFL Report.
C. Players on the injured reserve list who are no longer listed as "IR" or "IR-R" on the MFL Report must be removed. Failure to do so will prevent an owner from submitting a lineup.
1. This will be enforced on MFL via the "In case of an IR violation, prevent owner from submitting lineup?" option.
D. Players may be placed on Injured Reserve after the conclusion of the NFL third preseason week.

A. Each ZFL Classic team must consist of the following starting lineup during each week of the season:
1 QB
1 RB
2 WR
1 TE
2 O-Flex (RB/WR/TE)
1 O-Flex (WR/TE)
1 PK
3 DL
3 LB
3 DB
B.  Each ZFL PPR team must consist of the following starting lineup during each week of the season:
1 QB
1 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 O-Flex (RB/TE)
3 O-Flex (RB/WR/TE)
3 DL
3 LB
3 DB
C. MFL is the official position source.

D. If no lineup is submitted by a team, their previous weeks lineup will be used. The MFL setting for this is as follows: Copy Previous Week's Starters For Franchises Without Lineups: (1) "As Soon As The Previous Week's Results Are Available".

E. Partial lineup submissions (i.e. lineups with less than the required 18 players) will be dis-allowed, by utilizing the "No, partial lineups are never allowed" option in MFL.

F. Players cannot be moved into or out of the starting lineup once MFL locks their status shortly before kickoff of their game.

A. The following scoring rules are for all positions and apply to both Classic and PPR leagues:
All Touchdowns (including Passing, Rushing, Receiving, interceptions, fumble recovery, special teams - blocked FG, punt, Missed FG): 6 pts
All 2-pt Conversion (Passing, Rushing, Receiving): 2 pts
Each Rushing or Receiving Yard: 0.1 pts
Each Passing Yard: 0.04 pts
Each Interception: -2 pts
Fumbles (lost to Opponent): -2 pts
Safety: 4 pts
Interceptions: 3 pts
Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent): 2 pts
Forced Fumble: 2 pts
Tackles for Loss: 2 pt (1/2 TFL = 1 pt)
Blocked Punt/FG: 3 pts
Length of Blocked Punt/FG TD: 0.1 pt
Blocked Extra Point: 1 pt
Passes Defended: 1 pt
Kickoff Return Yard: 0.025 pt
Length of Missed Field Goal Return TD: 0.025 pt
Punt Return Yard: 0.05 pt
Interception Return Yard: 0.1 pt
Offensive Fumble Return Yard: 0.1 pt
Defensive Fumble Return Yard: 0.1 pt
Defensive Conversion Returns: 2.0 pts
Safeties for 1 Point: 2 pts

B. The following scoring rules are for all positions and apply only to Classic Leagues
Tackles: 1 pt
Assists: 0.5 pt
Sack: 3 pt (1/2 sack = 1.5 pt)
Field Goal Made (30 yards or less): 3 pts
Field Goal Made (greater than 30 yards): 3pts plus .1 point for every yard over 30 yards
Extra Point Made: 1 pt

C. The following scoring rules are for all positions and apply only to PPR Leagues
Each Reception (Running Back): 0.5 pts
Each Reception (All Other Positions): 1pt
Tackles (Linebackers): 1.5 pts
Tackles (Defensive Backs): 1.75 pts
Tackles (All Other Positions): 2 pts
Assists (Linebackers): 0.75 pts
Assists (Defensive Backs): 0.875 pts
Assists (All Other Positions): 1 pt
Sack (Defensive Line and Linebackers): 2 pt (1/2 sack = 1 pt)
Sack (All Other Positions): 3 pt (1/2 sack = 1.5 pt)
QB Hits (Defensive Line and Linebackers): 1 pt
D. If a player finishes a game with negative yards in any yardage-based category, the player is awarded a proportionate total of negative points for that category.

1. Each league's MFL site will be configured to automatically process MFL's scoring changes each week.
2. Scoring each week is considered final when MFL processes the weekly scoring changes.

A. ZBs are used for free agency bids, blind bid waiver acquisitions, and as a trading commodity.
B. Teams are not permitted to have a negative ZB balance at any time.
C. ZBs can be obtained in the following ways:
1. When a new league is opened, each franchise is awarded a starting amount of 100ZB.
2. At the conclusion of each season ZBs are allocated based on rookie draft position and will be deposited into the accounting balance before the start of free agency.
Team1 304 ZB (Team finishing 1st in rookie draft order)
Team2 290 ZB
Team3 276 ZB
Team4 262 ZB
Team5 248 ZB
Team6 234 ZB
Team7 220 ZB
Team8 206 ZB
Team9 192 ZB
Team10 178 ZB
Team11 164 ZB
Team12 150 ZB (Champion)

3. Owners who lose a player in Restricted Free Agency will receive the amount of ZBs bid by the acquiring team.

4. ZBs may be obtained via trade.

A. Any combinations of players, ZBs, and/or draft picks may be traded. These are the only assets that may be traded.
B. No trades may be made that include real cash, future considerations, or a player to be named later.
C. When draft picks are involved in a trade, only draft picks for the current draft year (January 1 through December 31) and/or the following draft year may be traded. For example: After the 2006 draft through the end of the season, only picks for the 2007 draft are available. After completion of the 2006 season up to the 2007 draft, picks are available for the 2007 and 2008 draft.
D. No player can be involved in a trade for the rest of the week after their game starts. MFL considers the week to end four (4) hours after kickoff of the last game of the week.
E. Any trade that appears to be suspicious or detrimental to the integrity of the league may be vetoed by a super-majority (2/3) vote of the owners not involved in the deal.
1. During the season, owners will have 48 hours to contest a trade.
2. During the off-season, owners will have up to 1 week to contest a trade.
F. No trade may be made between the start of the first NFL game in Week 14 and the completion of the Zealots Field championship game.

A. General Auction Rules
1. All auctions must be conducted on the league management site (MFL) and set up with bid via proxy permitted.
2. All auctions at ZFL are run with a rolling 48 hour deadline from the time of the last change in high bidder. The highest bidder will then be awarded the player.
3. There is no limit to the number of auctions owners may start if they have the ZBs to cover those auctions.
4. There is a minimum required $1ZB starting bid for each free agent auction, and accelerations may be done in $1ZB increments.

B. Free Agents are acquired during the regular season only via blind bid waivers.
1. Free agents will be processed by MFL's automated waiver window system. Waivers will be processed on Wednesday morning (3:15am ET), Thursday morning (3:15am ET), Saturday morning (3:15am ET), early Sunday morning (3:15am ET), and late Sunday morning (11:45am ET), starting with Saturday morning of week one, and ending the morning of the first NFL game of week 14.
2. There is a $1ZB minimum bid and bids are done in increments of $1ZB (i.e. - no decimals).
3. No player can be acquired or dropped for the rest of the week after their game starts.
4. All players listed in the MFL player database are eligible for blind bid waivers.
5. Ties in weekly blind bid waivers will be broken by:
a. Overall winning %
b. All-Play Winning %
c. Total Points Scored
d. Total Points Against
e. If two bids are still tied after tie-breakers a-d, MFL resolves the tie by awarding the waiver to whichever bid was submitted first.

C. Off-season Free Agency Period
1. Each team may protect up to 40 players and list no more than eight restricted free agents (RFA). Owners must cut their roster to no more than 48 players by the deadline to designate RFA's.
2. The deadline to designate restricted free agents is 11:59PM ET two days before the NFL League Year.  (e.g. if the NFL Year begins at 4pm ET on March 14, our FA designations are due at 11:59pm ET on March 12). Any team that misses this deadline will have their free agents designated by the syndicate czar.
3. The Zealots off-season free agency period will start on the same day as the start of the new NFL League Year, at a time determined by the commissioner, provided setup of the MFL site is complete.
4. The off-season free agency period is not permitted to start unless all twelve franchises have owners.
5. If the team of origin does not win the auction for one of their RFA they will be awarded the winning amount in ZBs. Commissioners are expected to update the accounting at the MFL site within 48 hours of the completion of an auction.
6. Any auction on a RFA must be started within 4 weeks of the off-season free agency period starting for the original owner to receive ZB compensation.
7. Free Agent auctions are available from the start of off-season free agency until the end of the NFLs third preseason week with two exceptions. Auctions will be turned off to convert MFL sites to the following year and during the Zealots rookie draft. Any auction that begins during this time frame will be permitted to finish
8. Player Eligibility
a. Auctions cannot be started on players who will be rookies for the upcoming season until after the completion of the Zealots annual rookie draft.
b. Players in the NFL Supplemental Draft become free agents at ZFL at the completion of the Supplemental Draft.
c. All other players listed in the MFL player database are eligible for auctions
d.  Players not listed in the MFL player database are eligible for off-season auctions under the following conditions:
i. The player has been signed to a contract with an NFL franchise, and that contract can be verified through legitimate news outlets (ESPN,, Rotoworld, official team site, etc).  In the event of a dispute, the Zealots Field Staff will be responsible for deciding the validity of the news source.
ii. An owner must request that the commissioner enter the player as a custom player in the league's site.  Using an existing player as a proxy for the player that is not in the database is not allowed.

A. Commissioners are encouraged to use a 12 hour clock to move the draft along in a timely manner. If the commissioner chooses to implement a time limit, it must be clearly communicated to all owners via e-mail and the league's Field House Realm. However, it is not required if the commissioner believes his league will conclude the draft in a timely manner avoiding long delays.
B. If a league has a 12 hour clock activated and an owner misses a pick, that pick is moved back 12 draft positions from the missed pick.
C. No draft is permitted to start until all owners have been notified of the start date and have responded to the notification. Inaugural and rookie drafts will not start until all owners have paid dues for the current year.

A. The Inaugural Veteran Draft for all ZFLs will be odd random serpentine ordered by the MFL automated system.
B. The Inaugural Veteran Draft consists of 53 rounds in Classic and 51 rounds in PPR.
C. The rookie draft order in the inaugural year will be the reverse order of the inaugural veteran drafts first and second round and will be serpentine.

A. A six round rookie draft will be held every year.
B. The annual rookie draft is not permitted to start until all owners have been marked as paid for the upcoming season by the Vice Lords.
C. The annual rookie draft will begin no later than June 1st. Commissioners must get approval from their syndicate czar to start the rookie draft after June 1st.
D. All rookies listed in the MFL player database are eligible for the annual rookie daft.
1. If a rookie is not listed in the MFL player database an owner can request that the commissioner create a custom player provided that the player meets one or more of the following criteria:
a. The player was drafted in the current season's NFL draft
b. The player was signed as an undrafted rookie free agent subsequent to this season's NFL draft
c. The player appears on the draft prospects list for the current year at any of the following sources (ESPNCBSSportsNFL.comDraftTek)
E. The annual rookie draft order will be determined by:
1. The Super Bowl winner will pick 12th.
2. The Super Bowl loser will pick 11th.
3. The Week 15 losers will pick 9th and 10th. See tiebreakers section below.
4. The Week 14 losers will pick 7th and 8th. See tiebreakers section below.
5. The non-playoff teams will pick 1st through 6th. See tiebreakers section below.
F. Tiebreakers
1. All rookie draft tie-breakers are based on the standings at the completion of scoring changes in Week 13. These standings can be found on MFL at "Reports => Standings => Power Rank => Power Rank as of Week 13"
2. Team with lower winning percentage (or points) picks before team with higher winning percentage:
a. Overall winning %
b. All-Play Winning %
c. Total Points Scored
d. Total Points Against
e. Dice Roll

A. The following instructions are for use in Dice Rolls use to determine tie-breakers or ROD draft orders
1. Use the dice roll server located at
2. For "Character Name" owner will enter their Zealots ID.
3. For "Roll" owner will enter 1D1000 (leave the last box blank).
4. Do not check drop high, drop low or reroll.
5. For "What is this roll for?" owner will enter their Zealots League Name & Team Name (i.e. Z51 Patriots)
6. For "Your E-mail" owner will enter their email address.
7. For "DM's E-mail" owner will enter their commissioner's email address (if commissioner is involved in the Dice Roll, use Czar's email address).
8. Select "Rollem".

A. Any new Zealot may own only one Classic/PPR ZF team, unless they have been accepted as a member of leadership.

B. Once a Zealot has completed one entire season and one RFA Season, he/she then becomes eligible for a second Classic/PPR team.

C. Once a Zealot has completed two full seasons as an active owner (meeting all required owner responsibilities), he/she then becomes eligible for a third Classic/PPR team.

D. Commissioners are automatically eligible for four Classic/PPR teams.

E. Czars are eligible to own up to seven Classic/PPR teams, assuming they are performing their assigned duties.

F. Zealots Leadership reserves the right to override ownership limits at their discretion.

G. No current Zealots Field League Owner will be permitted to drop an existing team for the purpose of drafting a new team from scratch. Such acts are seen as attempts to disregard the integrity of Zealots Field and are considered a violation of our Code of Conduct.

H. In the event of an oversight, an owner who exceeds the limits of Classic/PPR teams will be required to drop teams to comply with these limits.

I. All instances of team ownership in Zealots Field are subject to review by leadership at any time to ensure that owners are meeting their responsibilities. Owners can lose a team(s) based on the leadership review.

J. Team limits are put in place to avoid major disruption should an owner resign or be banned from Zealots Field.

1. All auctions are frozen until the open franchise has an owner and one time free acquisitions have been completed.
2. The new owner will have one week to pick up any available free agent with no ZB charge. The new owner must remain within the roster limits at the time of joining the league. The commissioner will inform the new owner when the one week deadline begins.
3. If a new owner joins during off-season free agency the other teams' RFA's are not eligible to be acquired with the one time of free acquisitions.

1. When multiple openings occur at the same time the new owners may choose to have a Replacement Owners Draft (ROD).
2. If all owners agree to take an existing team then they can waive their right to a ROD. They are entitled to hold a Replacement Waivers Draft (RWD).
3. If one owner requests to have a ROD, then all new owners must participate in the ROD.

1. When one opening occurs during the season, the new owner will takeover the open team intact (no free add/drops), and will be credited $50zb.
2. When multiple openings occur at the same time during the season the new owners will conduct a dice roll to decide which owner fills which open team, with the high roll selecting their choice of open team first. The new owners will each be credited $50zb

1. All auctions are frozen until the open franchises have owners and the ROD is completed.
2. All players on the open teams are released into the pool of free agents.
3. The ROD is serpentine and will consist of 54 rounds for Classic and 52 rounds for PPR. Each owner will draft 53 players for Classic and 51 players for PPR plus one rookie draft pick package.
4. The rookie draft pick packages are created as they currently exist. Each owner can only select one rookie draft pick package.
5. ROD draft picks cannot be traded. Players, rookie draft picks, and ZBucks can be traded during a ROD.
6. The ZBucks from the open teams are divided equally amongst the new owners. All ZBuck totals are rounded up to the nearest whole number.
7. The commissioner sets up a dice roll to determine the draft order for the ROD. The commissioner must state prior to the dice roll which method will be used to determine draft order:
a. High dice roll gets first draft slot, remaining draft slots are assigned in descending order of dice roll results. (Default method if commissioner fails to specify a method)
b. High dice roll gets first choice of draft slot, remaining draft slots are selected in descending order of dice roll results.
8. If a ROD is conducted during off-season free agency the other teams' RFA's are not eligible to be acquired during the ROD.

1. The roster limits at the time of the draft are in place.
2. Owners may drop existing players to continue drafting waiver players.
3. The draft will be serpentine with an unlimited number of rounds (Owners can pass whenever they are done) and the draft order will be determined by dice roll.
4. There is no ZB charge to draft players in the RWD.
5. If a RWD is conducted during off-season free agency the other teams' RFA's are not eligible to be acquired during the RWD.

1. Prior to the annual rookie draft, all unowned players listed in the MFL player database that are not rookies for the upcoming season are eligible for free adds/RODs/RWDs.
2. After the annual rookie draft, all unowned players listed in the MFL player database are eligible for free adds/RODs/RWDs
3. Players in the NFL Supplemental Draft are not eligible for free adds/RODs/RWDs until the completion of the Supplemental Draft.

The removal of an owner is a serious and unpleasant matter, which the league will seek to avoid if possible. An owner may be removed under the following guidelines:
1. The commissioner can ask the Syndicate Czar to immediately remove and replace an owner. The czar will not remove an owner until a review of the situation has occurred and approval has been given by a Vice Lord.
2. The commissioner may ask for an owner removal vote.
3. Three league owners together may ask for an owner removal vote.
4. The owner will be removed if eight owners vote to have the owner removed.

Removing a leader is also an extremely serious situation. A commissioner may be removed under the following guidelines:
1. The Syndicate Czar may remove a commissioner with approval from a Vice Lord.
2. Three league owners may ask the Syndicate Czar for a commissioner removal vote.
3. The commissioner will be removed if a simple majority of the league owners (7 of 12) vote to remove the commissioner.

1. Respond to E-Mails, PMs, and threads in the czar realm
2. Keep the Czar informed of any potential league issues so you and your Syndicate Czar can work on potential solutions in a timely and efficient manner.
3. Enforce the Rulebook and Code of Conduct and work with the syndicate czar when disagreements on interpretation occur.
4. Preside as chief record keeper for the league.
5. Maintain a thread with updated owner contact information.
6. Oversee four mandatory league check-in periods:
a. When owners are required to state their intentions on returning for the following season.
b. Free Agency deadline
c. Beginning of the rookie draft
d. By the conclusion of the first full week of NFL preseason to ensure all owners will be ready to go for the upcoming season.

1. Respond to PMs/E-Mails from your czar or commissioner by the stated deadline if one is provided.
2. Interact with fellow owners on the Zealot forums. Each owner should have a presence on the forums to build rapport within the league.
3. Communicate with the commissioner when you will be away.
4. Keep your contact information updated in the appropriate thread within your realm. If your contact information is out of date and leadership cannot reach you then you are held responsible for anything that is missed.
5. Be active in your league by responding to trade offers, performing waivers, participating in free agency, and making draft picks in a timely manner.
6. Any owner that fails to submit a starting lineup for two weeks in a row will be warned by the commissioner. Further violations could result in league removal.
7. Pay your dues on time to avoid holding up the rookie draft.
8. Check in at all mandatory check-in periods.

A Rules Meeting may be called at any time by a committee selected by the Vice Lords. Any amendment to the Rulebook must receive the support of more than 2/3 of the votes of the Rules Committee. The Vice Lords must approve all changes by a simple majority.

The appearance of our MFL management sites may be altered in minor ways to reflect the preferences of the commissioner, but should not depart from the overall image promoted and approved by Zealots Field. Owners should be reminded to use only acceptable logos in their profile and icon sections. The icon section of the owners profile setup contains the image used for the front page standings report and should not be altered by the commissioner or an owner. Any changes other than appearance must be approved by Zealots leadership in advance. All MFL setups regarding scoring, general league setup, security, transactions, lineups, etc are uniform throughout the Zealots empire.

All owners join Zealots Field with the understanding that it is a non-payout league. There is no financial betting or wagering allowed. No monetary rewards and no collection of a pool of funds for distribution based upon finish are permitted. If it is discovered that any owners or commissioners publicly or privately are engaged in these prohibited activities, they will be immediately banned from Zealots Field. There are several opportunities in the world of fantasy sports to engage in these activities, but this is not one of them.



This Code of Conduct is to be followed by owners of all Zealots Field owners, whether in the pro or college leagues. Czars, commissioners and vices are expected to enforce this Code without exception.

A. Participation
Participation is the lifeblood of a fantasy football league; more than fresh FAs, more than rivalries, even more than stats. If there is no sense of community going on between owners -- no trade talk, no trash talk, no football talk -- there will shortly be no ZFL because there will be no fun. So owners are actively encouraged to go out there and start a new rivalry or talk up some trade bait, not only for their own enjoyment, but also for the good of the league.

B. Preparedness
It goes without saying that preparedness is the key to long-term success in a fantasy league. Owners who come to the draft prepared, keep abreast of the free-agent market, and do their homework when it comes to researching players and studying league rules have the success from year to year that makes them the teams that everybody else is gunning for. On the other hand, nobody wants to play week to week with a roster full of scrubs. So owners are actively encouraged to stay on top of NFL happenings and read the fantasy football message boards year-round, not only for their own enjoyment, but also for the good of the league.

C. Communication
Perhaps the most overlooked facet of fantasy football is communication. Players and commissioners alike need to be timely, complete, and accurate with the information they provide to each other. Because in a virtual game like fantasy football, based on statistics and one level removed from reality, communication is the only way that everybody can share the construct that is collectively built. Chuck Noll always stressed to his players that they had to all “be on the same page” to be successful. So owners (and commissioners) are actively encouraged to over-communicate rather than under-communicate whenever possible, not only for their own benefit, but also for the good of the league.
1-Any communication that contains spam (multiple copies in one area or the same communication in multiple areas), which does not directly pertain to Zealots Field is not allowed.
2-Material that advocates illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them, will not be allowed.
3-Unauthorized copyrighted material, is not allowed.
4-No advertising or any form of commercial solicitation, without first obtaining the approval from the Zealots Field Staff. .

D. Competitiveness
Competitiveness is the keyword in fantasy football. Any of the following types of behavior are strictly prohibited and will be dealt with quickly and decisively by the Commissioner or Czar with responsibility over the league in question.

1. Collusion
Two or more owners making arrangements to influence the results of league activities, such as auctions, player availability, draft standing or game outcomes. Any unsportsmanlike conduct coordinated between two or more owners is considered collusion.

2. Tanking
An owner who fails to submit a quality lineup, either intentionally or through indifference. It is understandable and expected that owners will play hunches on who to play and won’t always start the players who score the most points. On the other hand, employing tactics such as benching “must start” players with no injury concerns for more questionable choices, starting players who have been hurt, suspended or benched for weeks, or starting players who are on their bye weeks is unfair to the rest of the league and will draw a warning from the Commissioner or the Czar. If the behavior persists, the commissioner may take more serious action to resolve the situation in accordance with the selected penalties listed below, up to and including expulsion from the league.

3. Indifference
An owner who fails to submit starting lineups, or change their existing lineups to replace players who are out due to injury, suspension or bye weeks will receive a warning from the league Commissioner. If they fail to respond or resume their participation, the Commissioner will have no choice but to impose what he deems an appropriate penalty.

E. Sportsmanship
Sportsmanship, a much maligned value these days, helps make fantasy football a much more pleasant experience for everyone. True enough, the FF environment is dog-eat-dog competitive, as it should be, but sportsmanship is knowing where to draw the line. Every Owner has had the guy in one of his leagues who no one wants to trade with because he will try to peddle his injured players for your healthy ones. Then there is the guy who can’t stand to lose without whining about it. Similarly, there is the blowhard who may go 1 – 13, but the one owner he manages to beat will never hear the end of it. Any FFer will tell you that it’s the loser’s privilege to cite the “could haves” and that the greatest benefit of winning a game is getting to rub it in. But owners are encouraged to temper these natural inclinations every once in a while, so that by raising the bar a little they also raise the enjoyment level for all the owners in the league.

F. Decency
Many owners have a moral standard which finds foul or course language offensive. Others may not personally mind off-color humor, but have children looking over their shoulder, and do not want them to see words, phrases or jokes that violate their innocence. Therefore, the ZFL will strictly enforce a code of decency regarding the language used in this league.

1. Offensive Humor
Many posts thought to be in jest, may very well offend the recipient. While trash talking is acceptable, the manner in which it is delivered should be considered. In addition, with a vast array of individual backgrounds here at Zealots Field, the inclusion of race, religion, and or gender jokes will not be allowed.

2. Foul Language
No swearing, cursing or off-color remarks will be tolerated. Furthermore, playing with the letters to change their appearance, while still conveying the intent will not be allowed. All efforts will be towards making this a family friendly site. Young children, and some adults do not wish to read such indecent words. Keep it clean, it is that simple.

3. Personal Attacks
While bringing attention to how bad anothers team is, or laughing at their QB group, is acceptable, calling the owner an idiot for drafting them is not. All personal attacks should be left out of your posts.

4. Inappropriate Images
When selecting your avatar, or graphics for a signature, please follow these guidelines:
a. No nudity, whether full or partial. No shots of unclothed people hiding behind objects which cover their respective parts. Also, no simulated sexual activities will be allowed in images.
b. No indecent words. Keep it clean.
c. Shock value is not a point to consider when choosing your avatar either. Keep away from graphics which display violence, drug use or images to disturb others.




January 10th:
1. Mandatory Check-In period - Owners state their intentions to return for following season

February 1st-15th:
1. Zealots administration will send instructions to upgrade the MFL site for the following season.

March 1st:
1. Commissioners send e-mail to league members to remind them of the upcoming mandatory Check-In period.

Two Days Prior to the Start of NFL League Year:
1. Deadline for owners to cut rosters and list their RFA.
2. Deadline for owners to meet the mandatory check-in period and state they are ready for the upcoming free agency season. Commissioners can combine these two steps (cutting your roster and listing RFA counts as the check-in)
3. Syndicate czars will verify that each realm in their syndicate has updated the ZBucks earned from previous season.

Two Days Prior to Start of NFL League Year until Day of the Start of NFL League Year:
1. Syndicate Czars cut rosters and list RFA for all teams that missed the deadline.
2. Syndicate Czars verify all players have been activated from IR by now.
3. Commissioners prepare MFL for the free agency season to begin on Day of the Start of NFL League Year.
4. Syndicate Czars must approve any request to begin FA more than 1 week after the Start of NFL League Year.

1. Deadline to start a new RFA auction in the off-season free agency period, 4 weeks after start of free agency.
2. Lord Zealot send payment information to all owners this time of year.

1. Payments should be sent to Zealots administration by now.
2. Commissioners will hold a mandatory check-in period where all owners state they have paid their league dues, they are ready for the rookie draft, and they are aware of the rookie draft date.

After NFL Draft until June 1st:
1. All leagues should begin their annual rookie draft. (NOTE: The ability to start a new auction should be turned off during the Zealots rookie draft.)

June 1st:
1. All rookie drafts must have started by now unless permission was granted by the syndicate czar for a delay.
2. After completion of the rookie draft, auctions will be turned on.

August 1st:
1. Commissioners send e-mail to league members to remind them of the upcoming mandatory Check-In period.

August; End of Preseason Week 1:
1. Deadline for owners to check-in for upcoming season.

August; End of Preseason Week 3:
1. Deadline to start a new auction will be 11:59 PM EST on the Tuesday after the last Preseason Week 3 game. Any auctions started after that time will be removed by the Commissioner.
2. Commissioners will turn off owners' ability to start a new auction in MFL.
3. Commissioners will change MFL setting to allow owners to put players on Injured Reserve.

4. After all auctions complete, commissioner will convert accounting dollars to blind bid dollars.

September; Tuesday before NFL regular season begins:
1. At 7:00PM ET, all rosters must be cut to 53 active players in Classic and 51 active players in PPR.
2. Syndicate czars will cut all rosters that miss this deadline.
3. Commissioners will change maximum roster size from 60 to 53 in Classic and 51 in PPR.

December; End of Week 13:
1. Commissioners will set playoff brackets at MFL
December: First NFL game of Week 14
1. Trade Deadline; Commissioners will remove owners ability to propose and accept trades.

December; End of Week 16:
1. Commissioners will post the rookie draft order for following season.
2. Commissioners will remove all remaining blind bidding ZB funds.
3. Commissioners will make accounting adjustment for the yearly ZB allocation.
4. Commissioners will restore the owners ability to propose and accept trades. (Steps 2-4 must be completed before trading can be turned on).
5. Commissioners will change MFL setting to allow draft pick trades for two years out.
6. Commissioners will change maximum roster size from 53 in Classic and 51 in PPR to 60.
7. Commissioners will promote any players on IR and remove owners ability to put players on IR.
8. Commissioners will communicate to their league members that there is a January 10th mandatory check-in period.

Weekly Events during the season:
Wednesday - 3:15AM ET - Waivers run
Thursday - 3:15AM ET - Waivers run
Thursday - 2:00PM ET - Scoring changes from previous week are usually posted at MFL by now
Saturday - 3:15AM ET - Waivers run
Sunday - 3:15AM ET - Waivers run
Sunday - 11:45AM ET - Waivers run

Rules for our specialty syndicates can be found at our forums.